There are many benefits to raising cats as pets. It is an easy-to-care animal with a strong character and the love that cat owners feel for strangers to cats will not understand. However the cat is considered a stubborn and independent animal. Here are some tips to help cat owners move on to their shared living space –

• It is not recommended to wash a cat. Cats are considered to be extremely hygienic animals, who lick themselves to stay clean. If you need to wash it, we recommend using a wet towel and a 25-degree room.
• To prevent unpleasant odors in the sandbox, it is recommended to disperse soda powder.
• Cats love to scratch. If you want to keep the furniture at home, buy your cat a scratching device. Larger homes are recommended to purchase even two. A recommended place is near the place where the cat sleeps, so the cat will scratch it when he wakes up from his sleep and get used to it faster.
• Give your cat love and attention even on difficult, busy days. Half an hour of play a day can suffice. Cats that feel missing may be depressed.
• It is very important to sterilize and neuter cat puppies at the age of four months. There are many cats in Israel today looking for a home – do not add new puppies to statistics. Cat sterilization will cost about NIS 450 and cat neuter will cost about NIS 300.
• moving apartments? Leave some of the old furniture in order for the cat to easily adapt to the area of ​​his new life. It is better to have furniture (or blanket) that he particularly liked.
• You must buy your cats a few toys so he will not be totaly bored. A great option might be a flying bird which can make him play for hours and hours. Otherwise you can may become bored and just sleep all day.
• Want to enrich your hair? A little piece of butter, as a supplement to daily food, will make your cat’s hair more beautiful.
• An effective method to get rid of fleas is to comb your cat with a few drops of lavender.
• Unlike dogs, raising cats does not involve high economic costs. The monthly expenses for holding a cat range from NIS 220-450.
One last and important thing to conclude – there are cats that are not sociable in character. It’s about their genes and what you do won’t change that. In this case, make sure they have the necessary living space, whether indoors or out. By no means do you throw a domesticated cat back into the street, he didn’t know how to survive. Most importantly – give him a lot of love and don’t take heart if he does not show his love to you in a way.


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