The intuitive painting, based on the psycho-creative method, developed by Dr. Pinky Feinstein, is a tool through which each person can give creative freedom to his emotions and express his unique talent, without criticism and without judgment.

Its main goals are to reduce self-criticism, increase creativity and increase self-love.

Every child is born with a natural creative ability, which can continue to exist only through positive reinforcements and a sense of admiration from every piece. Unfortunately, in practice, the environment openly or covertly criticizes the work by demanding to draw clearly, not to stray from the lines and draw “meaningful” paintings. This self-criticism, which begins as early as childhood, reduces children’s natural creativity and often also affects their self-confidence and sense of ability.

For example, in my not-too-distant past, I engaged in pre-teaching and often met children whose self-confidence was so low that their words (when they even dared to speak) were heard in a whisper and for every action they were asked to perform they responded with “I do not know”, “I can not” , “I’m not smart” and so on.

I also met children who wanted to learn but had difficulty doing so due to ADHD. Many times these children also suffered from low self-esteem and a sense of inability due to their experience and difficulties in the field of study.

I have also met children, whose parents encouraged them to be competitive and high achievers. These children sometimes expressed anxiety, depression, or physical symptoms such as asthma, abdominal pain, and headaches when their accomplishments were not “perfect.”

Children such as these may enjoy the benefits of intuitive drawing, this is because in intuitive drawing there are no concepts of “good” or “bad,” “right,” or “wrong.” Anyone can draw and anyone is talented. You can take your child to learn painting from the best Chicago Painters where they can learn all about painting and drawing.

Over time and while experiencing the intuitive drawing experience, the child regains his or her repressed natural creativity, increases self-confidence and joy of life and even builds an “outside the box” thinking ability. Later, this new situation permeates from the painting experience to other areas of life as well.

Moreover, children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) will enjoy additional benefits of intuitive drawing – children with hyperactivity disorder will be able to unload it while drawing, so that after that they will be calmer and more willing to learn and those with ADHD will allow the intuitive drawing the focus they need .


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