Nail care is a leisure activity, an outgrowth of the culture of abundance in which we live today. Nail care includes a variety of treatments: pedicure and manicure – medical and cosmetic, applying nail polish and painting on them, applying creams and using care products.

Feminine pride on nails is shaped across years and geographical boundaries. In China, nail paints were used more than 3,000 years ago. The Chinese used chewing gum, beeswax, egg white and gelatin for this purpose. The henna plant also helped cultivate the nails of Eastern women.

A world of indulgence
To understand how common this phenomenon is, one can take the example of New York City. On every street you can find at least one nail salon, which is usually run by women of East Asian descent. It is a pampering for body and soul, at an equal price for each soul, which is almost always accompanied by a light massage of the hands or feet. Professionals in the field estimate that Manhattan alone has about 2,000 nail care facilities.

An entire industry of body treatments has also been built around the world of nail care. Aside from nail design, busy New York women in the same complex also enjoy spa treatments, waxing hair removal and eyebrow shaping and tanning salons. New York women insist on grooming their nails despite the constant lack of free time. Due to this work the nail salons in Manhattan open at seven in the morning and close at midnight.

Building on the nail
One of the methods for naglar is nail construction – a method by which the nail is lengthened and shaped. For women who are unable to grow nails on their own, this is an easy and available solution. The construction allows the natural nail to grow with support, until the nail is strong and stable enough to come out and continue to grow on its own.

As part of the treatment, you should visit the nail technician once every three weeks to complete the filler and clean up any accumulated dirt and bacteria. Sanding, cleaning and filling the nails can weaken them and expose patients to injuries, infections and diseases. Therefore, the professionalism and experience of the technician is important so that the women who come to her can be sure that they are in good hands.