Are you planning to buy a necklace for your man? Are you thinking of buying necklaces for men? Do you know the role of the type of metal in a male pendant? Here is some general and fascinating information on making such a decision.

Many people, including me, have heard of titanium for the first time in the context of fighter jets. Jewelers seem to be looking for new ideas to create jewelry for men and are looking for the “next thing” in fashion. That is why titanium necklaces for men are one of the industries that are growing a lot in the field of jewelry nowadays, in fact there are many justifications for their popularity. Most people do not understand that titanium is a strong metal. In fact, the metal alone is not hard enough for most of the purposes it serves today, the alloy we made from it offers excellent strength, scratch resistance and heat resistance. It is also a hypo-allergenic and light metal.

So what exactly makes Titanium a “Favorite” actually?

The most obvious reasons are the hardness of the metal and its ability to hold and look like new over time.
Other than that she also does not allergy to the sensitive. A special type of titanium, 6.6.2, consisting of a special mixture of aluminum and titanium, is applied in many industries such as aerospace. Therefore, jewelry made of titanium in particular pendants and necklaces for men can be great for everyday use. In addition, Mala necklaces and pendants for men are much more durable over time than gold and silver and this is what makes it, the titanium metal, the perfect class that symbolizes the eternity of love.

Apart from the traditional uses, because of the various properties of titanium it is allowed to be very popular in the fashion jewelry industry. For example, necklaces for men that combine gold plating, necklace for men with black plating and necklace for men with carbon fiber, made possible by the fact that titanium reacts well with various coatings made by a process called anodizing. This makes our men’s necklaces much more beautiful when it comes to fashion. Finally, titanium can also be combined with traditional metals such as gold and silver in the form of inlay, plating and assimilation. Necklaces for men with gold or silver plating are formed by evaporation of the particles, with the man chain being in complete vacuum so that the plating will be evenly distributed on the entire pendant for man or the man chain and will be durable over time.

After all, jewelry is a way of self-expression. And if you want to be one who precedes fashion, then our men’s necklace has added value that is influenced by the variety of global trends and the combination of the world’s most advanced technologies with the best professionals in their field.