Nursing is a challenging and engaging learning path that opens many young people’s door to a career that has a meaningful and positive impact on their environment. Indeed, in today’s fast-paced world where most people work solely for their own sake, it is difficult to find areas of practice that allow them to develop as a person as well as a professional. Fortunately, nursing education is one such course. Thousands of nursing graduates now work in a variety of meaningful jobs, helping thousands of other people heal and recover. In other words, if you also want to do something bigger than yourself in your life, then nursing is the course of study designed for you.

Nursing studies – live not only for yourself

Nursing studies are a prerequisite for integration into a variety of roles in many medical institutions. Therefore, thousands of nursing graduates who work in hospitals, local clinics and nursing homes can be found as brothers and sisters, caregivers, first aid applicants, administrative managers and more.

In addition, nursing education empowers students to work as personal nursing caregivers, a challenging, significant, and particularly exciting role for which there has been a growing demand in recent years in Canada and around the world. These roles allow nursing graduates to take part in the medical system in the Canada, help people in need, relieve their pain, and help them recover. Probably the great responsibility for the health of other human beings requires the graduates of nursing studies to become skilled professionals and have control over a wide range of knowledge areas relating to the care of other human beings. Therefore, during nursing studies, students will learn about the human body, providing first aid, biology, medical sciences and other professions that will help them care for other human beings. In addition, in order to help graduates of this course properly, they have completed a mental health first aid course in supported and complementary professions – psychology and mental support, economics, management and administration, and more. It should be noted that these contents are taught during nursing studies both in the format of frontal lectures and in the format of practical classes in classrooms and even in many hospitals (such as Meir or Assaf the doctor).

Nursing Studies – Let’s make a better world

 Undergraduate nursing is a four-year course of study. Nursing studies can be integrated into many academic institutions across the country – dozens of colleges train thousands of nursing practitioners each year, as do the various university nursing circles (such as Ben-Gurion’s Nursing Department in Beer Sheva). Like many other study programs, Israel is a world leader in nursing education, so graduates of this course are top-notch therapists who can easily integrate into work in Israel and abroad.

 It is important to note that the content and techniques taught in these studies in the State of Israel are among the most advanced in the world thanks to hundreds and thousands of graduate and doctoral students in nursing studies. Holders of advanced degrees in nursing studies, in addition to their important activities in daily practice, work tirelessly for the development of nursing and care techniques that are taught within nursing studies in Israel and around the world.


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