Studies have shown that music does help us during our fitness workouts. And it has a very strong impact on the start of the workout, the duration of the workout, and the results of the workout. Of course every workout we do whether we are running, bouncing, skipping, pedaling, shaping and shaping music will be there for us. I call her an undercover partner who helps us improve our performance during physical activity. To know what it contributes to us let’s go into it ..

Responsible for our moods know that you had a good day yesterday, come a day when you announced that you were promoted to work, a day you decided to be righteous and contribute to guys at the intersection, a day you gained weight and saw that your body shed 3 pounds. Then the next day, you probably woke up in a wonderful and exhilarating feeling, full of happiness and inner joy, and the first thing you did was go to the computer, play some beautiful song you love and start humming for your enjoyment, singing aloud as a minimum of American Idol in your room and 15 million people watching you now … Sure you happened at least once. What I want to tell you is when we are in high spirits we will hear good music, and if we take it to the fitness world it goes like this: Excellent fitness training is a workout that we burned a lot of calories, a workout that we sweated, a workout that raised our daily morale and of course if She played some good music in the background so it sure was an excellent workout ..

Addictive drug is a kind of sweet and addictive musical drug but of course the good guys. To illustrate this: Imagine the sweetest Swiss chocolate to be played on an electric guitar. Without it, the workout is less successful and quickly feels lacking. So if you don’t have one like this to get organized and fast.

Adrenaline supplies to the body Adrenaline is a hormone that the body secretes which stimulates the nervous system, increases the heartbeat rate and raises blood pressure. The music is very similar to adrenaline in nature, they are not the same kind of twins, I mean, it helps us to be more energetic during exercise, and when we are more energetic our heart rate runs faster, which results in increased blood pressure. In other words, music is a throwback to our energy during fitness training. If you want the idea music for your workout, you can buy soundcloud plays on the internet, and listen to it while practicing. That’s an amazing feeling.


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