Will the disease vaccine we acquired at a young age protect us forever? Is it possible to be infected with the same virus again after we have recovered from it?

By and large the answer is whoever is vaccinated will not be harmed again! But and here there is a very big but. What about someone whose immune system was good but has now been damaged? It is also known that with age the body’s function deteriorates including the immune system. For the same reason older people need to protect themselves from diseases including those that have previously been vaccinated against.

People traveling to other countries. It is known that when Columbus came to America a large part of the natives died of diseases. The reason was that most of them were exposed to new diseases against which their body was not vaccinated. Some managed to cope with the disease and a significant number were simply “killed” from it. When we travel to other countries it may be important that some of us go with masks at airports or in crowded places so that we do not “snatch” some unnecessary virus.

Athletes are healthy people, it’s obvious. But did you know that “these healthy” athletes who engage in very intense sports have a window of time after an extreme effort where their immune system is really weakened ?. Even marathon runners after the end of the run suffer from a drastic decrease in the capabilities of their immune system, and they usually go into quarantine for several hours until their immune system recovers. People as it is important to go with masks surely at the same time window where there is a significant decrease in the functioning of their immune system.


  1. The corona virus and other viruses will continue to dominate our life routine for many years to come and masks are part of our ability to deal with those dangerous viruses.
  2. People with a weak immune system will have to go with masks especially when they are in crowded places.
  3. Those who travel to different places in the world and reach crowded areas, pass through airports, cruise passengers must think about wearing a mask.
  4. Those who work in places where there are a lot of people and with OPEN SPACE it is important that they also think about wearing a mask and probably until the rage passes (the corona).
  5. Anyone who has various background illnesses or heavy smoker is important to go with a mask.

    As a conclusion, you must not rely on natural vaccine you acquired at a young age. You should always go with surgical face mask to protect yourself from viruses and especially from the COVID-19. It can really protect you far better than relying on a natural vaccine.