There are a lot of rugs in the market, with different characteristics and also functions. Consequently, the initial step to selecting an equine carpet is to choose which type you require for your steed. To aid you in this choice, complying with is a listing of the major types of rugs and an explanation of their feature:

Fly Rug. The purpose of this is to safeguard the horse from flies that attack or sting. They are extra generally and also precisely referred to as ‘fly sheets’ instead of ‘fly rugs’, as they are normally a slim plastic sheet or mesh, as opposed to a material rug. One can also obtain ‘fly masks’, which are constructed out of the same product and are planned to shield the head (particularly the eyes and ears) from flies. As they are a thin sheet they give little heat or insulation, although some can give protection from wind and also rain.
Turnout rugs. These are intended to provide insulation (warmth), to safeguard horses when they are outside. The quantity of heat depends largely on the amount of insulation, which is usually measured in regards to weight as opposed to density. Subsequently, rugs with a modest quantity of insulation are referred to as Lightweight Turnover Rugs, while those intended for optimum heat are called Heavy Yield Rugs. Some turnout rugs are immune or impervious to rainfall.

Coolers. Although they might look like some turnout carpets, their function is fairly different. They are meant to help the steed dry by ‘wicking’ wetness away from its coat, and also at the same time protecting the steed from cooling down while wet (a wet steed can swiftly come to be chilled if it is exposed to cool and/or wind while it has a wet layer). They are commonly made use of after exercise, when the climate is amazing or gusty, and also eliminated when the horse has dried out off. These are additionally called ‘sweat carpets’.
Rainfall sheets. These are generally a slim sheet, with little or no insulation. It is meant to maintain the equine completely dry and also can likewise offer defense from the wind.

Stable rugs. Likewise referred to as ‘secure coverings’, these resemble turnout carpets in that they offer warming up insulation, but are meant to be used when the horse is stabled as opposed to when it is outside.
Saddle carpets. A saddle rug (additionally referred to as a ‘saddle pad’) is positioned under the saddle. It gives supporting in between the saddle and also the horse, which protects the equine from the reasonably hard saddle as well as at the same time protects the saddle from being rubbed down by the steed. As the equine often tends to sweat under the saddle rug, due to the mix of exercise and also the heating insulation given by the saddle rug, some have built in ‘wicking’ materials to help remove the sweat from the coat.
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