Do you also run from morning to evening – from home, to the office, to the coffee, to a drink or a meal?

Isn’t it always enough to move home and change clothes and shoes?

Do you also find yourself designing ultimate outfits that can accompany you throughout the day?
To look representative enough for work, fashionable enough for everyday life and sexy enough for evening entertainment?

And what about the shoes?

Do you put on heels and come back at the end of the day drained and swear you won’t repeat it again? Are you tired of back pain, blisters, warts and leg pain?

You tell yourself, it’s really not worth it and tomorrow I’m wearing sandals or even flip flops and not compromising comfort?

The shoes you wear affect your feeling.
Not only do we spend huge fortune on shoes. Women find themselves wasting half a monthly salary on shoes.
We sometimes feel that with the right shoes we can achieve everything and really, the shoes you wear have a direct impact on your feeling.

If you are pushed into beautiful but uncomfortable sandals or shoes just to feel sexy, you will not be able to broadcast it.
On the other hand, you can wear chic and comfortable finger flip-flops that make you feel stable, strong, relaxed and connected to the ground and then you will feel that you can conquer the world!

Beautiful and comfortable women’s slippers that are perfect for the house? There is such a thing!
Comfort shoes were once considered synonymous with old-fashioned shoes for adults only.
And they were, indeed, awkward and chic.

To our delight, many waters have flowed in the fashionable rivers ever since. Over the years, the realization that comfort is above all gaining momentum, and when we are surrounded by slogans such as “you are most beautiful when you rest”, it was clear that technology would catch up with the gap and find a way to combine what was previously considered fashionable and fashionable.

Fitflop took this concept a few steps forward and created a brand of women’s shoes that includes flip flops and comfortable and fashionable women’s sandals that promise, mind you, also toning as part of the package deal. Sounds unfounded? a fact. It works!

Fitflop sole is built on innovative and unique technology, which is patented and causes increased activity of the leg muscles and buttocks as you walk or stand, so that in practice you use more muscle groups and take advantage of the most routine actions to tune your leg muscles.


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