ADHD is one of the common phenomena among children in Israel today. If you are parents involved in the lives of their children and you have elementary and middle school children, you will probably know friends of your children and other children in their strata who suffer from this phenomenon. Surprisingly, in recent years, this phenomenon was not so high in numbers, so the question arises as to how suddenly crowds of children in Israel and throughout the world suffer from ADHD?

What is ADHD?

It is important to emphasize that treating ADHD is not a cure for illness. Disorder is not a disease, a disorder is a behavioral expression that interferes with a person’s daily functioning. ADHD is called ADD in a professional language and is diagnosed when the child behaves in a way that disturbs him in his current life. Attention deficit disorder can have many causes and many solutions.

A child who sees and defines himself as disturbed and problematic will behave in a disturbed and problematic way. In contrast, a child who considers himself sociable will behave socially. Children learn to define themselves during the early years of their lives and self-determination develops during adolescence. Their self-determination creates their behavior and influences the results they will receive.

When carefully studying the definitions of ADHD, one can agree that they relate to typical behavior of children because children are energetic, they are frantic, they are curious, they challenge themselves as part of their normal development, because this is how they learn life. Children should not sit idly by until they are instructed. It is the role of the parents and educational staff that surround the child to shape his behavior and prepare for adult life and make him see himself in such a way that allows him to control his behavior and reactions.

What is ADHD?

In most cases, treatment for ADHD usually amounts to a prescription of Ritalin pills for the child. However, in ADHD, natural therapy may also help to surprisingly rehabilitate the child and eliminate the disorder.

ADHD Natural Treatment

For children with ADHD, natural therapy, such as homeopathic therapy, proves very effective at times. In addition, it is worth considering building a tailored therapeutic education system, which incorporates the strengths of the school educational staff and parents at home.

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